Jan 14

The importance of Priming in SEO

First of all you may be wondering what priming is. Priming is the optimization of your website to gain more search engine traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective ways to get “found” online. And like anything else there will be necessary skill learning involved and possible out-sourcing needed to get your blog or website ready and primed for the best results in organic search traffic.


The importance of priming in SEO can be looked at from two angles and each of these areas has near endless parts contained within. But for the sake of time and efficiency here are the two main areas to focus on when priming your site for the best results from search engine traffic.

Priming your Site for On Page SEO

This is where content becomes king, and you may need to hire a copywriter or article writer for this aspect of your site. There are people whose entire focus is perfecting their writing so that people will actually want to read it. We have all read articles that are drab and boring, and cause us to click off site neat instantaneous.

A good copywriter will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. In line with writing is having a steady flow of fresh content on a consistent basis. Readers want to know when they can expect fresh content up on your site, whether this is once a week or once a day stay consistent. Consistent content also helps boost rankings in the search engine rankings of your site.

Last topic I will touch in the importance of priming in SEO for your content is the headlines, tags, meta tags and keywords.

Each of these has to do with how the search engine spiders run through your site and determine along with content if the subject is relevant to what a potential reader is searching for. As far as content is concerned it’s all about H1 and H2 tags, keywords and keyword density, and tag words to help the spiders. The other aspect is the meta title and meta tag which is the subject of the site in general. This is all very important to the priming of a site for SEO.

Priming your Site for Off Page SEO

This is a hole other beast when in the world of SEO, off page optimization is the bread and butter of any solid running SEO campaign. This includes backlinking and blog rings as well as social engagement through the use of web 2.0 site, wiki sites, social bookmarking and the use of backlinking in high PR sites, the best being sites ending with .edu and .gov.

There are several third party applications and software companies that can be used to prime a site for off page SEO. Natural back linking is the most time consuming, but all also the safest and effective. Essentially the more high PR sites that you have backlinking to your site the site better, one of the main differences of today is the quality of the backlinks required. Before, it was much easier to get away with a massive amount of low quality backlinks to your website. In today’s online market the search engines require quality backlinks when considering the ranking of your site. One of the best ways to do this is to use third party software to find out where top ranking sites are getting there links from.

All in all the importance of priming a page for SEO is a skill that all webmasters, bloggers, and anyone looking to succeed online should at the very least understand and have some knowledge about so that it can be outsourced. The person who effectively learns how to prime a page to rank at the top of the search engines will create a steady flow of traffic that can lead to near total automation of a successful business.

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